Tunisian vegeterian summer calagnes

ingredients:600g (21 oz) of zucchinis,600g (21 oz) of mixed tomatoes,300g (11 oz) of lasagnes complete,200 g (7 oz) cream cheese,100g (7 oz) grated Gruyere,4 tbspoons artichokes paste,2 onions,2 cloves of crushed garlic ,1 tbspoon of chopped basil,1 tbspoon of chopped origan,2 tbspoons of chopped parsley ,8 tbspoons extra virgin oil,4 tbspoons of milk of soya,salt, pepper.
Preparation:in a pan, pour zucchinis and onions cut in thin slices. Cook 10 minutes gently.In a pan, to pour tomato purée, add parsley, the origan, garlic and basil. Cook 10 minutes gently.Mix the soft white cheese with the milk of soya. In a dish with gratin, pour a little tomato sauce and put a layer of lasagnes, cover with one the third of the tomato sauce, half of soft white cheese, half zucchinis and a third of grated Gruyere. Cover with lasagnes and to repeat the operation.Finish with a layer of lasagnes, the tomato sauce and grated Gruyere. Cook with hot furnace.