Tunisian Mesfouf with dry fruits

INGREDIENTS (for 4 persons):500g MESFOUF,60g of butter,200g of caster sugar,100g of hazel nuts,100g of peeled almonds,100g of dry grapes,100g of pistachios,100g of pinions,2 spoons of olive oil.
PREPARATION:Humidifiy the Mesfouf with two glasses of water and mix it with two spoons of olive oil. Put in the couscoussier and let cook with the vapor during 15 minutes. Make roast at the same time almonds, hazel nuts and pistachios on soft fire. Crush coarsely almonds and hazel nuts.with cooking, put seeds of mesfouf in a container, incorporate butter and caster sugar according to the taste (add milk in option ). Furnish the dish with the dry fruits and the dry grapes.