Tunisian Lasagna with ricotta

INGREDIENTS:1 box of Lasagna,20g of flat parsley,50g of sheets of basil,1 spoon of olive oil,50g of chopped green pepper,250g of fresh cream,250g of ricotta,25g of grated parmesan,salt, pepper.

PREPARATION:Preheat the oven and butter a dish. Put the parsley and the basil in a mixor until it is well chopped heat oil in a frying pan. Add the sweetpepper and cook it from 2 to 3 mn. Incorporate the fresh cream, the ricotta and the parmesan. Cook them during 4 mn. Pose a layer of lasagnes in the dish, cover with mixture, start again until exhaustion of ingredients. While finishing by a layer of lasagnes. Put it in oven during 20 mn and serve very hot.