Tunisian Fine vermicelli with chicken

INGREDIENTS:400g of Fine vermicelli,4 chicken legs,1 onion,1 clove of garlicl,1 carrot,1 celery branch,1 brunch of parsley,3spoons of olive oil 1spoon of tomato puree,10cl of bouillon of meat,2 sheets of bay-tree,1little spoon of dried thyme, 1little spoon of rosemary,salt, pepper.

PREPARATION:Cut the carrot into small dice, the clove of garlic, the onion, and the celeryi. Heat the oil and bleach vegetables. Add the dried thyme, the bay-tree and the rosemary. Distribute the pieces of chicken over and realized to return them on the two sides during 10mn. Diluted the tomato puree in the meat bubble then pour the mixture on chicken. Add salt and pepper and leave cooking during one hour on soft fire. During this time whitewash slightly les cheveux d’ange with little oil and water then cook them with the steam during 20mn. When the pastes will be almost cooked mix them with chiken sauce. Pour the mixture in an active dish. Lay out the pieces of chicken above and cook into the micro wave during 20 to 30mn. Serve hot.