Tunisian Penne with Shrimps

INGREDIENTS(for 4 persons):400g of Penne,500 g of shrimps,1/2l. of fresh cream,1 cup of grated cheese,2spoons of butter ,6 spoons of tommatos puree,1spoon of vinegar,salt, pepper.

Pour in a pan the fresh cream, the vinegar, the cheese and let cook then on a soft fire during half an hour Cook the pastes in a pan in salted water. Drain them and pass them under fride water. Dissolve butter ,pour it on the pastes and mix them. At the same time, cook the shrimps in a salted water. Drain them then peel them. Mix with fresh cream, the tomatos, add salt aqnd pepper. Put the pastes in a mould going at the oven. Spread the shrimps above and sprinkle with sauce, then cook them during half an hour.