Tunisian Cannellonis stuffed with spinach

INGREDIENTS:20 cannellonis,300 gr of onions,2 cloves of garlic,4 spoons of fresh cream,salt and pepper,50 gr of graped cheese,350 gr of Ricottalemon juice . Sauce béchamel :50 gr of butter,50 gr of flour,100 gr of graped cheese,salt and pepper.

PREPARATION:Fry the onion and the garlic in oil and butter, mix the spinach in a mixor. Withdraw onion from oil and mix it with spinach. Add the fresh cream, salt, pepper and lemon juice. Add the graped cheese, the ricotta and the mixture of onion /spinach. Bechamel sauce : dissolve butter, add the flour and wet gradually with milk without stopping stirring up. Withdraw the sauce from fire when it thickens. Stuff the cannellonis with the mixture of spinach, butter a mould going to the oven. Lay out the cannellonis. Cover at side. Spread out the remainder of the mixture over the cannelloni. Cover them with the bechamel sauce. Discover the dish and let cook during 45 mn.