Tunisian Cannelonis with mushrooms

INGREDIENTS:1 box of cannelonis,600 g of mushrooms,250g of mozarella,1 onion,2 tomatos,½ lemon,1 clove of garlic,80g of butter,40g of flour 50cl of milk nutmeg,salt and pepper.

PREPARATION:Cut the cleaned mushrooms in plates. Return the onion and the garlic in 20g of butter during 3mn. Add the mushrooms and let then cooking while stirring up until evaporation of water. Add salt, pepperand sprinkle with lemon juice. Put peeled tomatos in a strainer, powder with table salt and let drain. Dissolve in a pan 40g of butter. Add the flour while stirring up during 2mn on a soft fire and pour cold milk on a sharp fire, bring to boiling while whipping. Out of fire, incorporate salt, pepper, a pinch of nutmeg, half of the mozarella and the mushrooms. Incorporate in each of canellonis the mushrooms sauce, align them in a buttered dish, incorporrate the dices of tomatos to the remainder sauce. Cover the cannelonis with the remainder mozarella. Put it in the oven for 20 to 25mn and serve hot.