Tunisian Spaghettis with tomato and anchovy

INGREDIENTS:400g of spaghettis,350G of fresh tomatos,100g of anchovy,2 cloves of garlic,1 bunch of parsley,1 green pepper,1dl of olive oil,salt.

PREPARATION:Pour the oil in a pan, add the garlic and the pepper. Fry garlic in oil then remove it with sweet pepper. Add to the oil the remaining anchovy, tomatos and cook them during half an hour. Meanwhile, boil water, add salt, plunge there the spaghettis and cook them. Drain the pastes tes. Pour obove it a cold water before removing sauce of fire, add the chopped parsley, and mix it well then serve the half on the paghettis. Decorate the dish with the remainder anchovy. Pour the remainder of sauce in a saucer and serve.