Tunisian Spaghettis with seafood

INGREDIENTS:350g of Spaghettis,1kg of seafood (moulds, clovisse 8 shrimps, 8 imperial crayfish),2 onions,1 sheet of bay-tree ½ lemon,1celery branch,1 bunch of parsley,1 spoon of tomatos puree,2dl of fresh cream,olive oil, salt and pepper.

PREPARATION:Brush well the moulds and the clovisses. Put them on soft fire with a little butter to opening. Remove of the 2/3 of seafood the two valves and leave the others with only one valve. Filter the liquid and put it side in a pan put water flavour with a cut onion, the bay-tree, the parsley, celery, salt and boil them. Plunge in this bubble the shrimps and cook them, peel only the crayfish, chop the other onion, return them in the oil and add the flesh of cut crayfish in a little water link the filtred crustacs liquid the tomato puree, the fresh cream, the ground pepper and boil them, the sauce will be neither too liquid nor too dense. Meanwhile cook the spaghettis, drain them, add the seafood, mix the whole with the half of the sauce. Furnish around the pastes the seafood and the shrimps. Serve with the remainder of the sauce in a frying pan return the crushed garlic in the remainder of oil add there the chopped anchovy nets. After that cook the macaronis, then drain them, mix sauce of anchovy with sish sauce.