Tunisian Couscous with poulps

Ingredients (for 6 persons): 1 kg of couscous;1kg of poulps;1 glass of olive oil;1 onion;200 gr of tomatos puree;2 zucchinis;3 potatoes;150 gr of pea;6 hot dry red peppers ;1 spoon harissa;6 green peppers ;salt and pepper.

Preparation: Put the 6 hot dry red peppers in water during a whole night. Remove peppers from water then pass them in hot oil during few moments before their color becomes dark. Put the green peppers, the cut onion, tomatos in oil and add salt and harissa. Put the mixture on a soft fire during few minutes then remove the green peppers and place them in a plate separetely. Cut the poulps in a big pieces and cover them with two liters of water. Let the poulps until boiling. Add the cuted vegetables. Put the humidified couscous in the KESKES (couscoussier) and let cook during 20 minutes with vapor. Supervise the level of sauce and add water if it is necessary. When the couscous is cooked and the pieces of poulps become supple, add the pepper to the sauce, empty the couscous in a large container then let cool. Decorate the couscous with vegetables. Place the poulps in the middle with green peppers.