Tunisian Couscous from Hammamet

Ingredients (for 6 persons):1 kg of couscous;4 pieces of kaddid :(tunisiancuisinestoresite@gmail.com for your kadid order);2 kg of snails;Notice : before preparing this dish the snails should be left during two days in the flour then boiled. 2 little glasses of olive oil;2 spoons of tomatos puree;2 spoons of harissa;2 garlics ;1 spoon of a mixture of coriandre and caraway ;salt and pepper .
Preparation: Return the kaddid in a container with oil during minutes. Add the tomatos, the garlic, the harissa, the coriandre, the caraway and salt. Let the mixture cook during 5 minutes then add 2 liters of water and the cleaned snails. Wet the couscous with water and let cook with vapor during 20 minutes. At the end of the cooking, withdraw the semolina of the couscoussier, sprinkle the couscous with sauce and let rest To serve decorate with the kaddid and the snails.