Tunisian Couscous with meat

Ingredients (for 6 persons): 1Kg of couscous ;500 g of meat of lamb;200g of carrots;200g of potatoes;200g of turnips;1 chopped onion;150g of soaked chickpeas ;½ coffee spoon powder pepper;1coffee cup of olive oil ,½ coffee salt, pepper;2 spoons of tomato; 1 coffee spoon of harissa .

PREPARATION :Cut the meat into small pieces, marinate with salt, pepper. Cut the turnips, carrots and potatoes in quarters. Return the meat and the chopped onion in oil, add chickpea and tomato diluted in a glass of water, harissa, pepper and leave approximately 10mn. Add vegetables and pour 1 litre and half of water When the water is boiling put the couscous in the couscoussier and cook with the steam in two times. Add potatoes and water in the sauce. After the cooking of the couscous, withdraw it from the couscoussier and put it in a dish.after the cooking of vegetables and meat. Check salt and pour the sauce on the couscous.