Tunisian Harissa Products

Harissa is of the most important and popular ingredients in Tunisian cuisine. It is a seasoned (hot) sauce made with chillies, flavourings such as cumin, caraway and coriander plus olive oil, which are mixed to make a thick paste. Not only is it added to many recipes as couscous making Tunisian Couscous red and hot — different from couscous in other North African countries.it is also traditionally used as a table condiment. It is an indispensable ingredient which helps differentiate Tunisian cooking from that of most of North Africa.The name comes from the Arabic word for "to break into pieces," which is done by pounding the chillies in a mortar, although today a food processor can be used. The simplest form of Harisa is an uncomplicated paste of red chilli peppers and salt which is stored covered in olive oil.

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