Tunisian Cavatoni with Fish

INGREDIENTS (for 4 persons):400g of pastes Cavatoni,1 carrot 2 onions,3 cloves of the garlic,3 bits of parsley,6 peppercorns,500g fish with tender flesh,5 nets of anchovy,9 spoons of olive oil,1 ½ spoons of tomatos puree,2 sheets of bay-tree,1coffee spoon of lemon juice,salt, pepper.

PREPARATION:Carry to boiling one liter of water the carrot cut out of discs one onion cut out on thin slice, the parsley and the peppercorns. then add the juice of lemon and salt cook fish in this bubble during 20mn, then pass it in a strainer and measure in 12cl. in a pan make return the second chopped onion in 5cl of oil. Add fish cut in great pieces. Diluete the tomato puree in the bubble and add it to fish and cook it .in a frying pan return the garlic in the remainder of oil, add there the chopped anchovy then cook the macaronis, after that drain them mix sauce of anchovy with sish sauce add salt and pepper. Serve the pastes and sauce separately.