Tunisian Bucatini with moulds

INGREDIENTS (for 4 persons):1kg of moulds,300g of peeled tomatos
400g of Bucatini,50g of black olives,50g of green olives,2 cloves of garlic,2spoons of anchovy,1 handle of parsley,5 spoons of olive oil,salt and pepper.

PREPARATION:Wash the moulds well. Put them on fire with 2 spoons of oil a little chopped parsley and a clove of garlic. Cook until opening of moulds. Out of fire, pour the lmolluscs in a pan with leur filtred juice and leave them on side. In an another pan, put the remainder oil, the clove of garlic, the paste of anchovy, lstoned olives, salt and pepper. Add tomatos and let them cook. At the end add the molluscs with their juice, the parsley and let cook 3mn. Meanwhile, cook the BUCATINI, mix them with sauce and serve hot.